Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sparkly Pastel Meringue Wreath Ornaments

For Christmas this year I thought it would be fun to have a little tree 
covered with edible ornaments including these pretty 
Meringue Wreath Ornaments!

These ornaments are easy to make, inexpensive and delicious,
 and are perfect for a Vintage or Pastel Tea Party! 
(And they're Gluten Free!)

All you need is 2 egg whites, 1/2 cup of sugar, food coloring & 
Sprinkles! I actually doubled this recipe, divided the mixture in half 
and tinted one half pink and the other half teal.

I used two small open star tips (Wilton 21 & 32) and just practiced
 until I found the look that I liked the best.  I used my handy dandy 
template to pipe uniform meringues. Just place the template on a 
baking sheet and put a piece of parchment paper over that. Then 
pipe your meringues using the circles as a guide.

Some ornaments I piped as one continual circle and others I piped 
individual dots of meringue - side by side to form a circle.

Right after I piped the ornaments I decorated them with Dragees then
sprinkled them with Baby Pink Disco Dust. There is some controversy 
about whether you should actually eat the Dragees. I suggest that you
read the information on the link then decide. You could remove them
from the ornaments before eating them, or simply decorate with
another type of edible candy balls.

My daughter is holding the pretty ornaments and wishing that
we had our Christmas Tree up so that she could decorate it!


2 egg whites
*1/2 cup super fine sugar (such as Dixie Crystals)
food coloring of choice
sprinkles of choice

Preheat oven to 200F. Line 2 baking pans with
parchment paper. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form.
Gradually add the sugar and beat at medium high 
speed until you get stiff peaks and the sugar has dissolved. 
Add food coloring and mix well.

Transfer mixture to a piping bag fitted with a
small open star tip and pipe circles or shapes
of choice. Decorate with sprinkles or candy
balls. Bake for 2 hours. Remove from oven, 
let cool, then place in an airtight container
until ready for use. 

*super fine sugar dissolves much faster
than regular granulated sugar. If you
can't find it, you can use a food processor 
to grind the regular sugar a little finer.

Hang your ornaments with some pretty gold or pink ribbon!
I already had some pretty sparkly pink Rick Rack so I used that.

Just imagine a pastel dessert table with a miniature Christmas Tree 
filled with edible meringue ornaments and gingerbread men!!
I love it!!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as I did in bringing it to you!
Please stay tuned because I've made some lovely Meringue
Christmas Trees that I'll share in my next post!!


  1. EVERY time I try to make meringue cookies they FLOP! What am I doing wrong. These are just beautiful.

    1. Trisha, if I can make these you can make these!! I used to think that I could never make meringues because of the humid weather we get in the South. I have had them go squishy on me in the past, but the more I make these, the better I get at them. I want you try my Cotton Candy Meringue recipe! It makes very sturdy meringues that keep forever in an air tight container! You just have to make sure that you dry Meringues long enough in the oven. If you take them out too soon, they'll get
      sticky. Then, as soon as they're cool, put them immediately in a ziplock bag or an air tight container.

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  3. They are so pretty! I love your blog.

  4. Yes, eating dragees is controversial. They are hard sugar balls covered in real metal. I simply make my own from sugar paste/fondant and coat them in fully edible metallic luster dust or air brush color.

    Perhaps a bigger issue is that disco dust is NOT "edible glitter". Disco dust is inedible plastic craft glitter that is not for use on food. It is for decorations that will be removed and not eaten.

    These would be fine made with edible fondant pearls and edible glitter made from sanding sugar, gum arabic, or gelatin.