Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lovely Lemon Straws

I found a recipe for lemon straws the other day which sounded fun. I've heard of cheese straws of course, but lemon straws? I had to try!
I found the recipe here. The recipe includes cream cheese and the cookies turn out somewhere between crispy & soft.  They are nice and lemony with lemon juice and zest in the mix. You need a cookie press with the disc for making the straws, which I didn't have so I ended up using my piping bag with an open star tip, and they turned out fine.
They tasted really good, and how could they not with 2 sticks of butter! I did have one hiccup with my cookies, though. I was in a hurry, and instead of measuring out exactly one tablespoon lemon juice, I just poured in the juice I had extracted from my lemon half, which may have been 2 tbsp or so. As a result, when my cookies baked, they lost alot of definition and didn't turn out as pretty as they started.
I also added 2 drops of my yellow food coloring (paste) to the dough and before baking I dusted the cookies with sanding sugar for some sparkle! I thought they turned out lovely! They look so sweet in my vintage bird egg cup! Now I'm thinking.....vanilla straws, key lime straws, chocolate straws....oh my, the possibilities! 

Thanks for visiting today! Have a great weekend!

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  1. These look and sound great can't wait to try them out...I was just inside a drawer in the kitchen and found a cookie dispenser with different shapes...I had forgotten Mom found it at the second hand store...and I just stuck it off in the drawer still in the bag it came in...thinking I would wash it up later...perfect for this...and try for your music..Have a great evening and Sunday..with love Janice...ty..