Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lovely Mint Green Meringues

I adore meringues...... that crispy, melt in your mouth cookie. I like the fact that you can pipe them any shape you want, and color them to match your party theme. I like that you can add a bit of flavoring to them, or add chocolate chips or nuts. Today I tried a meringue recipe that used powdered sugar instead of granulated, and egg whites. Just two ingredients - how simple is that?!
I got the recipe from here. I tinted mine a pale green with sprinkles for fun, then I used an open star tip and piped them in a sort of "S" shape.

Make these when you know you won't be needing your oven for the rest of the day because they go in at a very low temperature, then stay there until they are dry. They don't really bake, they dry. Some vintage recipes call these forgotten cookies because you tend to forget that they are in the oven!

The fear with meringues is that they don't do well in humid weather. I actually made these today with it raining outside, and they're fine. What you do when they are ready is take them out of the oven, cool them, and put them in a zip lock bag. They will be fine for many days as long as you keep them air tight! So get your creative juices flowing and make some lovely meringues for your next party! Just click on the link for the recipe. Have a great day!