Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Having Fun with Pink Amaretti

I've been wanting to bake some Amaretti for a while, and it won't surprise you to see that my Amaretti are PINK! Never heard of pink Amaretti? Well, I really think that adding the color pink to anything improves the flavor! (LOL)
I just purchased these adorable bags from this etsy shop. As soon as I got them, I wanted to bake something pretty to fill them with! I don't think they are meant for baked goods because they aren't greaseproof, but I love them! (and Amaretti don't have any butter or oil!)
I couldn't decide how to decorate them, so I tried them three different ways. First, I pressed a royal icing flower onto the cookie before baking.....
Then I decorated some with sprinkles.....
And finally, I sprinkled some with powdered sugar before baking. I couldn't decide which I liked the best! The recipe is called Crisp Amaretti, and I got the recipe here. I must have done something wrong, because the cookies didn't turn out crisp, but soft and chewy. They have a really good flavor being made from almond flour, egg whites, powdered sugar and almond extract. There are many many different versions of Amaretti, and I'm going to try several more to compare.
Whether they are crisp or chewy, these little cookies are very yummy,and this recipe is very easy! The hardest part is waiting the 2 hours for them to sit before baking. (not all Amaretti recipes call for this step)
So get your pink food coloring, sprinkles and all your little do dads together and have some fun with Amaretti! Then share the love!

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  1. Hello! I found your blog after following your Pinterest boards - you post such pretty pictures!
    I'll be stopping by often - I'm planning a "Betsie Bluebird" birthday party for my baby girl (Betsie!) next year and am sure I could get a lot of great ideas. Beautiful blog! :)
    God bless!