Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vintage Recipe: Jam Marguerites

Today I have a lovely little recipe for you - a vintage recipe from a cookbook
called The Farmer's Wife Comfort Food Cookbook. I've been wanting to
try this recipe for a long time. Over the weekend I was looking through some 
recipe printouts that I have from the days before Pinterest, and found this 
recipe. I used to print recipes that I wanted to try -  I still have several stacks 
of recipes waiting to be made! So glad I have Pinterest now! It's my online
 recipe book! (It's also a lot cheaper because now I don't have to buy so 
many ink refills!!)

I made these tarts a little different from the original recipe. The recipe
actually calls for Ritz Crackers as a base but I used ready made
tart shells. Though I bet that the saltiness of the buttery cracker would 
be good too!  The recipe also calls for chopped nuts which I had on 
hand but just forgot to add! After I made the meringue topping, it 
just wasn't as sweet as I like so I added an additional 2 tbsp of jam 
and 3 tbsp powdered sugar. I also thought a bit of jam on the bottom 
would be lovely, so I added 1/2 tsp seedless raspberry jam to each 
tart shell before I piped the meringue topping. (I used a plain round 
piping tip for this.)

Unfortunately the meringue wasn't as pretty after baking as before
and it quickly deflated. Perhaps if I had stuck to the original recipe
they would've been prettier. However, they were delicious and
were quickly eaten up by my kids (my daughter is holding the tart.)
Another bonus was that my house smelled wonderfully of 
Raspberry Jam!

If you'd like to try the recipe, pop over to the English Kitchen.  
For my version, just use ready made tart shells (leave out the nuts
if desired) add additional jam/powdered sugar as desired and
add 1/2 tsp jam to shells before adding the meringue topping!

I used one of the vintage tablecloths from my collection in the shoot today 
along with a vintage plate that I thought went well with the recipe.
Yum!! A plate of lovely tarts and a pot of Earl Grey! Perfect weekend treat!!

These tarts may not be pretty, but they taste delicious!! xo


  1. I think they look nice, even if the merengue is defleated a bit... It's a small price for a better taste, isn't it? :P
    After this post I think I should take a look to pinterest too :)) Thanks for sharing!
    A big hug, Laura

    p.s. I tried your Marshmallow&Nutella sandwiches just using melting marshmallows.... They were so yummy!!! I'm gonna make them tomorrow as well! Thanks a lot Jina!!!

    1. Hi Laura!! So glad you liked the Sandwiches! They're sweet but good!! Also, a word of warning about Pinterest - it's very addicting!! Thanks again for being such a lovely follower!! xoxo Jina

  2. Jina, they look so delicious that I have pinned them to my Delicious Treats board
    Linda ♥