Monday, March 5, 2012

Sparkling Strawberry Cream Wafers

Do you avoid cookie recipes that call for rolling out the dough and cutting out shapes? I usually do because those types of recipes just take longer and I don't usually have alot of time to spend on a recipe! 

Well, today I made some pretty pink Strawberry Cream Wafers, which called for rolling out the dough. This dough, however, was very easy to work with and I had no trouble at all with rolling it out. I did make sure to let it rest for (almost!) an hour before rolling it out. (I'm not too good at waiting! LOL!)
I got the recipe from White Lily. That's a popular flour here in the South, and one that I use in most recipes. Well, of course I wanted PINK cookies, so I added a tiny bit (less than 1/8 tsp) pink color gel to the dough.
The dough itself has no sugar in it. It's kinda like a pie dough. Instead of rolling the dough out on a floured surface, I rolled my dough out onto my counter sprinkled with sanding sugar. This kept the dough from sticking to my rolling pin and counter and gave the cookies a lovely sparkle! If you don't have sanding sugar, you can just use regular sugar.
The recipe says to bake at 375 degrees for 7-9 minutes or until edges just begin to brown. It took my oven closer to 12 minutes, so just watch them.
I pretty much went by the filling recipe, but since I didn't have any raspberry jam, I used Strawberry. I also added 2 teaspoons lemon juice, and didn't use the almond extract.
Then I Filled half the cookies and topped with the other half!
They turned out so yummy!! I would definitely make these again!

 So, the next time you need something pretty to take to a function, remember
 these! For the recipe, just click on the link!

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  1. Possibly the prettiest cookies I've seen in awhile! Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. So very pretty in pink! I love something less sweet when there is a filling involved. I will be putting these in my arsenal!

  3. These are gorgeous! I love the sparkle from the sugar! I'll save this recipe for a lady's luncheon! Thank you so much for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    p.s. You should check out the other tuesday tea parties listed on my party - they'd love this!

  4. Those are so BEAUTIFUL!

    So so perfect for a tea party and most assuredly perfect for next year's St. Valentine's Day teas!

    Thank you for sharing!! Your pics are pretty and it makes me SO want to make them soon!

  5. Just gorgeous and tickled pink! Have a great day, Jina!

  6. Hi Jina and thank you so much for sharing this with Tea Time. Your pink cookies are so sweet and they would be perfect for a tea party! I'm so glad you stopped by and linked up with me. It's very nice to meet you! You have such a yummy blog.


  7. Would I ever be popular if I made these for my next tea party! Wow, they're so pretty and look easy to make. I'm going to be checking out more of your recipes, thanks for sharing.

  8. so sorry my friend that i have not been here in so long but now i am and WOW!!!!!! these are absolutely GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!!!!! i just want to reach in and taste one right now and how beautiful they are! thank you for sharing your talents with us -- you are truly AMAZING!!!

  9. Jina,
    I'm so glad you loved the little purses and birds. I was thinking someone else might really love them too. Quite a few people have said they are going to check her out. Now I'm not sure if I can do it, since I am a beginner, but I'll try. And if the birds turn out cute, and they are fun to make, maybe someday you'll have a little bluebird showing up at your door!!!!

  10. Oh my! So lovely & gorgeous! Love your blog full with fabulous bakes! :)

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