Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vintage Recipe: Mini Sugar Cream Pies

I recently came across a recipe in a magazine that caught my eye. It was called Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie. It's a vintage recipe that has many variations. It generally consists of sugar - white or brown, cream - heavy or part heavy/part half & half, a thickener - flour or cornstarch, sometimes butter, and always vanilla.
All the recipes involved making a crust, but I had these cute little ready made tart shells just calling my name, so I used them! It's so nice to have your shells already made, then you just whip your filling right up and you're ready for tea in no time!!
I chose a recipe called Grandma's Sugar Cream Pie. It's a super easy filling that cooks up on the stovetop! It's kind of like a thick pastry cream! Then you fill your pie shell and just stick it under the broiler for 2 minutes! So easy!!
This is the photo from the recipe - doesn't it look gorgeous?!!
The recipe calls for sprinkling the pie with cinnamon - yummy!
Here we are after 2 minutes under the broiler. I'm not sure why we do this step, must just set the filling. (I didn't use cinnamon on the tarts with the edible flower decoration.)
I had these pretty pansies in a pot that I thought they might be cute as a garnish.....I don't know though, might be a bit much?
Here's another recipe called Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie from Food Network.
This recipe uses part granulated sugar/part dark brown sugar, and it is baked in the oven for 40 minutes. So many variations! I would like to try this recipe in my tart shells, then sprinkle with powdered sugar after baking - so pretty!
If you not so sure about the edible flowers, you could just do the cinnamon sprinkle garnish or you could decorate with a tiny royal icing flower! These would be perfect for a Garden Party don't you think?!
You could also sugar your pansies, which would give them a softer look. The above photo came from a blog called Marzipan. Just click on this link for a great tutorial on how to sugar your pansies! I love this look!
I'm not really happy with the way mine looked. I was rushed for time and didn't have time to let them dry properly, but you get the idea!
The recipe is easy, especially if you have the pre-made shells, and they are delicious! I highly recommend this recipe! Just click on this link for the recipe!
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  1. GENIUS!! These are beautiful, I am so impressed! I am going to try these.

  2. So sweet and springlike! I adore using sugared pansies and the recipe sounds wonderful. Again, WELL DONE!

  3. Just when I think you couldn't possibly make anything more beautiful than the last post, you prove me wrong. Oh how I wish we were neighbors, I would be stopping by to borrow a cup of something practically daily! Once I was there I would gaze longingly at your delectable baked goods and maybe even drool if necessary to make you send some home with me! Great job!!!!