Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Ready for Holiday Baking ~ Pretty Pastel Spritz

Are you excited about Holiday Baking? What happens to me is that I make all these plans to bake so many things, then the busyness of the season takes over and ruins my plans.  So this year I have decided to start early and try some of these recipes that I have on my (very long) list.
I bought this cookbook last week and it's full of pretty cookies to bake and give.

This is the recipe I chose, but my cookies didn't quite turn out as pretty as these - through no fault of the recipe. I have a problem with rushing through a recipe and not reading every line. I wanted to pass this info along so that you don't have as much trouble as I did.

I followed the recipe exactly, put the dough into my cookie press and began piping the cookies, as I always do, onto my parchment paper lined baking sheet. WRONG!  Well, I passed right by the line on the recipe that said to press the dough onto an "ungreased cookie sheet." You should have seen the mess I made trying to pipe those cookies onto parchment paper! Did not work! Then I threw away the parchment paper and piped onto the ungreased baking sheet and voila! It worked!!

Second thing - do you see in the recipe photo the lovely picture of the iced light blue cookie with the candy bead on top? That was what I was going for. I also seemed to have passed right over the part that said to "brush cookies with icing." I dipped, instead of brushed. Oh well, this is why I am starting early and doing a trial run on the cookies I intend to give!

I just bought this lovely doily from Ebay. I love the pastel colors!
If you would like to try this recipe, you can go here.
Another note about spritz presses. I had a new Wilton Cookie Press that I tried to use for this recipe. It just did not work. I still hope that it will work when I use one of the recipes that came with it. I wanted to give you the name of the spritz press that I did use, but I have had it many years and the name of the product was not on it, sorry!
I had hoped that any spritz recipe would work in any spritz press, but I guess not! More reason to start early! Happy Baking!


  1. They are too cute!! I am woefully bad about reading instructions until it is too late...
    I have never made spritz cookies and have been meaning to give it a try. Have heard that an electric press is much easier to use. Any way, these are darling!
    p.s. the sugar fast is PURE HELL

  2. Looks amazingly beautiful to me!!!

  3. I love your's adorable...and I'm so happy to have popped on over here from Bluebird Notes!

    As your newest follower...who also loves cookies, baking and crocheted doilies....I would like to invite you to stop by and enter my giveaway! It would be so nice to have you!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  4. Well, hello! Your blog is so pretty and you had me at pastries!

    The cookies look much better than I could do!

    Looking forward to making cookies this year...we will finally have the excitement in the house with our three year old. Yay!

  5. oooh my these are quite cute. I love pastels for xmas!

  6. Such pretty cookies...I make these every easy and they always look so pretty. Hugs to you my friend...happy baking.

  7. These little treats look too beautiful to eat!

    I can't wait to try them!

  8. Dear Jina, Thank you so much for your message and kind comments. I just had a look at your post & the Spritz Cookies you made. They are gorgeous. It seems we are are on the same track and raring to bake goodies for our loved one's for the festive season. I just made a list of what I will be making & for whom!! I enjoy your blog, you put so much work into all you do,I really like to have a good amount of time up my sleeve to just sit & look at all the beautiful treats you make. Your presentation is always excellent. And you do so much, you have so much energy. It is truly a pleasure to look at them all. I must also say what a coincidence you mention Kay Heritage in your most recent post, I was looking at her blog today and after reading her blog for a few months I subscribed. She is great! Speak again soon :)