Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easy Fruit Tarts for a Summer Afternoon

Phew! I don't know about where you live, but here in the South it is
HOT!  I live near Savannah, GA and summer comes early here! 
Today, I have a great recipe for you that is easy peasy and 
would be lovely for your Fourth of July festivities!!

Can you guess what makes these tarts so easy to make?
Ready Made Tart Shells and Jello Instant Pudding!

I got the tart shells at our Fresh Market in Savannah, GA. They can also be found at your local Grocery Store near the pie fillings, or in the freezer section with the pie shells.

Ready for the recipe?

White Chocolate Fruit Tarts

One Box Clearbrook Farms 12 count ready to fill shells
2 cups heavy cream
1 3.3 oz box Jello White Chocolate instant pudding (could also
use the vanilla or french vanilla)
Fruit of your choice
Apricot preserves or Apple jelly

Place tart shells on a cookie sheet. Into a chilled mixer bowl and with chilled beaters, add heavy cream and instant pudding. Whip together until combined and you get soft peaks. Spoon or pipe (which is what I do) this mixture evenly into shells (just eyeball it). Top with berries or fruit that has been washed and dried well. Melt 3-4 tbsps preserves, mixed with 2 teaspoons water in the
microwave or in saucepan on the stove. If using preserves, strain mixture after heating. Let cool to room temp (or put in refrigerator till cooled a bit). Brush on tops of fruit to give it a nice shine. (no need to add water to jelly if using)

These would also be nice for a quick tea party recipe!! Have a great day!!


  1. What does your small family do with all those treats you make? Surely you don't eat just pastries all the time! Then again, maybe that is why you are all so sweet!

  2. These look so beautiful, Jina! Always love your beautiful fruit tartlets!

  3. LOL!! Good question Cyndi! Well, after I made these, we all ate one, and the rest we sent to my mother-n-law's house next door! If you guys weren't so far from us, I would send them over to you!!

    Kay, thanks so much, you are such an encourager!!

  4. Those look wonderful!!! I will be attending a yearly picnic with lots of friends in two weeks and I think I might bring some. They look so fancy but I think I could do it. So nice of you to share. I think if I lived near you I would have to buy much larger clothing!! Nice job!

  5. LOL!! Yes, I'm the one who's going to need larger clothes if I keep sampling all these sweets!! You can do these! Once you get your berries all assembled, it's fun making the different patterns. Then you start thinking, Yeah, I can do these!! Thanks for visiting Julie!

  6. Yummmmm...may just have to make these this weekend. Thanks and hugs

  7. Oh honey! These look soooo good! They're beautiful! I've looked around at your previous posts - what eye candy you have here! I'm a follower!

  8. Thanks so much Leslie Anne!!! So excited to have you as a follower!! I've been on vacation for a week and am glad to get back and start posting again! You have such a cute name for your blog! I can't wait to spend some time there soon!! Thanks again for visiting!!