Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Make Pretty Tea Sandwiches using Cookie Cutters

Hello Friends!! Today I want to give you some ideas and
inspiration for making tea sandwiches!! To make really cute 
tea sandwiches you just need a few cookie cutters and
some simple ingredients!!

We're sort of going "Linzer Cookie Style" by making
a pretty window in the top slice of our sandwich! It helps
to have cookie cutters of various sizes because you have to 
have a small enough cookie cutter to make the window 
in the sandwich.  

I start with Pepperidge Farm Very Thin Bread. I get the best and
most consistent results with this. Then I buy some sliced cheese,
Deli Meat, Jams and English Cucumbers. English cucumbers 
come individually wrapped, have fewer seeds and are less bitter 
than those huge cucumbers with the big seeds. To have pretty
 tea sandwiches we need pretty cucumbers! He He!

Place 4 slices of bread on a cutting board. Bread dries out 
really fast, so just work with a few at the time. You may also
need to have a small sharp knife on hand to finish cutting
what the cookie cutter may not cut through.

I usually get one big shape per slice of bread, so cut out 4 
shapes, then with a smaller cookie cutter, cut a smaller shape
from 2 of them. That will give you 2 complete sandwiches.
Keep cutting out shapes until you have enough for your 

After you cut those 4 shapes out (or however many you
can get from the 4 slices) put them back in the bread
bag or in a ziplock baggie so they won't dry out. 
Then, using the same cookie cutters that you used to
cut the bread out with, cut shapes out of the cheese
slices and deli meat. (if using)

For the sliced cheese or deli meat, I spread a little
Mayo on the bread first. For the Jam or Cucumber
Sandwiches I spread a little butter first. We're not 
going gourmet here, just talking about the basics.
Jams of different flavors look so pretty peeking
through the "windows."

It's so fun to use your imagination and come up with
pretty shapes for your Tea Sandwiches. The tiny micro 
cutters such as these can be found online. Have 
fun!  Buy Cookie Cutters according to the theme of 
your party - if you're having a "Spring Tea," 
use butterfly and flower cookie cutters etc. 


Thinly Sliced Bread (such as Pepperidge Farm)
A Variety of Cookie Cutters, both big & small
1 stick Butter, room temperature
Your Favorite Mayonnaise 
Your Choice of Deli Meat, Sliced Cheeses,
Jams and Thinly Sliced Vegetables such as 
English Cucumbers

Cut out as many bread shapes as needed for
your party, then with a smaller cookie cutter cut a
 "window" from half of the bread slices. If using sliced 
cheese or deli meat cut out shapes using the same cookie 
cutters used for the bread. Spread butter or mayo on 
bottom slice, add your choice of toppings and top 
with slice of bread that has a "window." If not using 
right away, place sandwiches in a plastic container and 
store in the refrigerator.

Here's my daughter enjoying a cup of tea with her 
tea sandwich! Hope you do the same, and enjoy these
pretty ideas! Please visit again!


  1. I love this Jina. The tea sandwiches are adorable. I know I will be making these for sure.

    I am going to share this post on my social media.



    1. I'm so glad you like them Janet!! They're fun to make! Thanks very much for sharing the idea!! Hugs!! Jina