Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Magical Marbled Fairy Meringues

I have a fun recipe for you today, especially if you have kids!
I call these Magical Marbled Fairy Meringues. The writer of the 
blog Lick The Spoon called it Forbidden Fairy Foam! The name
 alone draws you in and when you see how crazy easy the recipe is, 
you have to try it!!

Are you curious? Magical Marbled Fairy Meringues are actually a 
sort of microwaveable meringue! The magical thing about these 
faux meringues is that within seconds a marble sized ball of this 
mixture puffs up into billowy clouds of sweetness!  It's like,  and
I quote,  "a scrumptious science experiment!!"

These sweet puffs are much easier to prepare than
regular meringues because you don't whip the egg whites
to stiff peaks, you just stir the mixture together and you're
ready to go!

So let's make some magical marbled fairy meringues!!
First, you beat vanilla extract and one egg white together
just enough to break up the egg white.  I was afraid
that my dark colored vanilla extract would color the mixture 
too much and I was out of the clear vanilla extract so I used 
some coconut extract that I had on hand. I loved the flavor!!

In another bowl, place 3 cups of powdered sugar and make a
well in the center. (I sifted my powdered sugar to make sure that 
there were no lumps.) Pour the egg white mixture into the well and
gradually incorporate it with the powdered sugar. (I actually just 
used my hands!) The recipe said that you may not have to use all the 
egg white mixture, but I did. One (large) egg white worked perfectly 
for me and I made this recipe twice. If you find that your mixture 
is too dry, just grab another egg white and add a bit more.

What you end up with is a stiff dough that you add a bit of
food coloring to for the marbled effect.  What I did was flatten
my dough and using a toothpick, I placed lines of food coloring.
Then I folded the dough in half and pressed down, then folded
in half again and pressed down. I did this until the mixture got
a pretty pink marbled look. 

Then I pinched off marble sized pieces of dough, rolled
them into a ball and placed them in a mini muffin/cupcake cup.
Now we're ready to microwave!! Remember that everyone's
microwave is different, so this part may take a couple of
tries to get it right! The first time I made these I burnt them!
Next time I tried my microwave on 50% power and that
did the trick.  Within a few seconds, the ball of dough
started rising..r i s i n g...R I S I N G! Then it stabilized,
then it rose a bit more and stayed there. At this point I
let the microwave continue for a few more seconds, then
I stopped it. The total time was no more than one minute,
thirty seconds. 
The "meringues" puff up into lots of unusual shapes! Like snowflakes,
no two are alike!! In order to get more uniform shapes, make sure that
you microwave at least 6 at a time.

These are perfect for a girl's tea party and pretty enough for a
ladies tea!  Another great thing about these "meringues" is that
you can keep them out, uncovered for up to 12 hours and they
stay nice and crisp!



1 egg white
1 tsp vanilla extract (or any other extract you prefer)
3 cups powdered sugar, sifted
pink food coloring
edible glitter or edible gold dust (optional)
mini cupcake cups

Place the egg white and extract in a small bowl and
beat briefly just to break up the egg white. Place the
powdered sugar into a medium sized bowl and make
a well in the center.  Pour the egg white mixture into 
the well and gradually work into the powdered sugar.
At this point you can use your hands to finish working the
mixture until it forms a thick dough. If the mixture is too
dry, add a bit more egg white; if too wet, add more
powdered sugar.

Flatten the dough out and dab a little food coloring
onto the dough. Fold in half and press down, then
keep folding and pressing until you get the desired
marbled effect. Roll into marble sized balls and place
in the center of a mini cupcake cup.

If desired, sprinkle the tops of each with edible glitter 
or edible gold dust. (I didn't do this step because I
didn't have any edible glitter!) Place 6 at a time inside
the microwave on the turntable, in a circle. This ensures
that they all cook at an even rate. Set the microwave on
a medium power level and at a setting of approximately
one minute 30 seconds. Start cooking and watch carefully.
After about 20-25 seconds the balls will melt, then start to
billow at a rapid rate. They will stop briefly, then cook for
a further 25-30 seconds. Each microwave is different so 
you just have to try different settings to see which works
for your microwave. The meringues are done when crisp.
If the insides are brown, you have cooked them too long.

MAGICAL!! A perfect activity for a girl's tea party!!


  1. Jina,
    Neat little recipe. Thanks for sharing. Cute cupcake liners.

  2. So easy to make and beautiful to see! Always the best Jina!
    Hugs from Italy :)