Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Springtime Macarons

The art of making Macarons is a continual learning
experience. Just when you think you finally have it,
something goes wrong. I'm constantly dealing with
new problems that come up, then searching the internet
for the answer. 

Lately my Macarons have had a hollow space inside 
and have been browning too much. I baked 2 pans
of Macarons today, and the first pan turned out 
like this.......

These were baked at 300 degrees like the directions said,
and they turned out way too brown! However, everyone's 
oven is different, and you always have to remember to 
adjust the temperature accordingly.

I always pipe my Macarons on a sheet of Parchment Paper which
is on top of my Template. It helps me to pipe uniform Macarons
that are nearly the same size. You're never going to pipe them
perfectly, but the template helps so much! Here's a link so that
you can print your own template!

Sandwich Macarons with filling of choice.  I used my 
Pink Marshmallow Buttercream and it was delicious!

Here's the recipe that I used today along with helpful troubleshooting
tips and this link tells which food coloring is best to use in making
Macarons to avoid over browning. 

Happy baking!! xo!


  1. What a pity for the first pan! I really hate Macaroons, expecially nowadays... Last week I made them four times before I got the right ones (they came out but looks like "amaretti")... I wouldn't eat one more macaron for a lot of time!!! :D
    Anyway, yours looks gorgeous, I really like the color you chose! You're Great, as always :)
    Kisses, Laura

    1. Macarons are so aggravating!! I just visited your blog and found some scrumptious looking Amaretti that I can't wait to make!!! I also added your blog to my blog list so that I can keep up with what you're baking!! I'm helping with a Tea Party for 120 ladies this week, so will be posting pictures of that soon! Always glad to have you visit!! xo!! Jina

    2. 120 ladies?! It's gonna be a great work! Good luck and let me know what do you think about amaretti! :)
      P.s. Thanks for adding me, I'm gonna do the same as I saw I lost some recipes :P

    3. I'll post the Amaretti when I make them! Thanks!! xo!

    4. Happy Easter Jina!!! A big hug to you and your family :)

  2. Yum, they look delicious and the Pink Marshmallow Buttercream looks amazing! I have pinned your macarons here

    1. Thanks Linda! Even though I had some problems baking them they were delicious!! Thanks also for pinning!! Hope your having a good week! xo!! Jina

  3. Hi Jina,
    Your Macarons are gorgeous! I *love* the colour of them. I haven't gotten up the nerve to make them yet. But yours sure do give one the incentive to try. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!


  4. I'm in love with everything about your blog! Oh my goodness!
    Our Ladies retreat this year is themed RoyalTea. Any ideas where we can buy a lot of tea cups and saucers cheap? My best friend and I have been scouring thrift stores.....and yard sales will be starting soon, but wondered if you had a secret purchasing place? Thank you!

  5. Your spring macaroons look divine. So beautiful and dainty. You are so talented. I am afraid to make macaroons. The process seems a bit difficult to me. Any tips??