Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oaktree Ginger Mice

Today I have a really cute recipe to share with you called Ginger Mice! For my birthday, I got a darling little mouse cookie cutter, then I found this sweet recipe card in my daughter's book called Badger's Christmas Day and I thought how perfect the cutter would be with the recipe.
I think you can pretty much read this recipe card, although I do want to add some suggestions to the minimal directions given on the card.
Isn't he cute?! I used a mini chocolate chip for the eyes. I tried to use the dough right after I made it, but it was difficult to cut the mice out. So I put the dough into a big freezer bag and let it chill for an hour. After that it was alot easier to cut them out. The recipe says to use treacle, I used molasses. Also, I didn't have any light brown sugar, so I used dark brown.
I had to keep dusting my counter with flour, and the tail of the mice kept sticking to the cookie cutter, but I got some cute ones. The dough tasted wonderful, I could have just eaten that! The cookies tasted great as well and I would definitely make this recipe again!
The directions on the card say to bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. That was too long to bake these at such a high temperature, so I baked my first batch for 12 minutes. I wanted to try my second batch at 350 degrees to see how they would do because the tails on my mice were overdone, and we can't have overdone tails now can we?!
So what I recommend is that you bake the mice at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I used my vintage feed sack for the background, love it! My kids and I had fun making these and I hope you give them a try!


  1. Love them...will have to try to find a similar cutter, do you know where yours is from?

  2. Yes, I got it through If you search "Mouse Cookie Cutter" it will come up. It's 3" for $1.29, but shipping cost is horrible. It gives you the option to get it directly from ECOOKIECUTTERS, and the cutter is .99, but I don't know how much shipping is. Thanks for visiting Mrs. Cozy!! I'll drop by for a visit today! Jina

  3. That is just adorable! FYI I usually chill my dough at least 4 hours before using and quite a bit of flour for rolling. If you worry about it showing on a darker dough, you can use powdered sugar to roll it in. But you don't need my advice you macaron maker you!

  4. These little guys are adorable....too cute to eat..well almost. xoxoxo

  5. The little mice look so cute! I can't wait to try it. Thanks extra for the tip!

  6. omg, these little mice are just too cute!