Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Neapolitan Macarons

Hello lovely followers! I'm so sorry to have gone so long without a post! Life gets so busy doesn't it?! To make up for it, I have some pretty Neapolitan French Macarons to show you today. I have never made Chocolate French Macs and I read that they are a little more tricky than the regular Macs. Mine came out fine. They were just a little more tricky to get off the parchment paper without damaging them. (As if I wouldn't eat one with a piece missing!! LOL). The chocolate macs really surprised me! They tasted alot like
a chewy brownie, very yummy!!
I did several different shots of these using a vintage tablecloth set that had an Icecream theme. Each corner of the tablecloth has different sayings and pictures.

I got the idea for these French Macarons from a site called Hi Cookery. I just fell in love with them and had to try them myself. The lovely site Mac Tweets had an Icecream theme and Hi Cookery did the Neapolitan French Macarons. Their recipe is there for you also.

Please excuse the white areas on the Macs. The buttercream kept getting on my hands as I was arranging them!
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Your clever girl...these look amazing. I must get making some more...I made strawberry and was amazed how easy they were to make..I always thought they were so centre wasn't that good though. I would change that for sure.

    Hugs to you.

  2. As usual - perfection! I adore the three colors and need to try that myself one day. Can I ask how you pipe them? I haven't gotten the hang of it. The linens rock too! It is all just fabulous!