Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fancy French Macarons with Cherry Buttercream

Have you ever tried cherry extract? For the most part, I think it gets bad reviews and is compared to the flavor of cough medicine. For these French Macarons, I made an Italian Buttercream and flavored it with Washington Cherry flavor by Lorann Oils that I got from King Arthur Flour. It got good reviews on their site so I thought I would give it a try. I did like it and it's hard to describe the flavor. My daughter said that it smelled like bubblegum and it really does! Like cherry bubblegum!

Isn't that placecard in the photo beautiful?! I got it from a super cute shop on Etsy called Painted By Renee. She does custom orders and is very nice to work with!

I used a Vintage Tablecloth from my collection today. I love the bright pink roses and the linen weave - so pretty! Have a great day!!


  1. perfect! Could these be any cuter you ask? NO!

  2. Wow I did macarons today also. I think you beat me in both execution and cute factor!

  3. Darling!!! I adore your bluebird collection and the sweet embroidery! Your macarons have me craving one now!!! tee! hee! :) Jenn

  4. A very testy and yummy dish you shared with us. It is very simple to serve in any occasions as well as best for side dish. I wonder to watch your bluebird collection and the sweet embroidery.
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  5. Jina ,
    These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I have been to intimidated to make French macarons. Could you share tips and trick on how to successfully make them?

    1. Thank you Nina for your sweet comments and suggestions! I will definitely do a Macaron recipe with tips & tricks in the very near future!! Thx!! Jina