Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blueberry Meringues and some Vintage Hankies

Today I was inspired by my friend Koralee over at Bluebird Notes, to use my vintage hankies that I had tucked away in a drawer. Koralee did an beautiful post using some vintage doilies here! I love how she diplayed them on a cake stand, and the background is so pretty! I am an amateur when it comes to photography but I hope to improve as time goes on!
I had some blueberry puree left from when I made the blueberry buttercream and thought that I would use it to color and flavor some french meringues. Well, they did not turn out as I expected. But let me show you what inspired these meringues!! Have you seen these?! Aren't they gorgeous?! I'm sorry, but this is the kind of creative baking that makes me do backflips!! OK, back to my recipe. I baked these meringues last night and they looked just like they should. I was so excited! The main thing is to use the proper tip, which in this case was a medium star tip. Mine was a wilton 1M.

I did not use the meringue recipe for the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Meringues, but used one called Authentic French Meringues which you can see here! I thought that because this recipe used just powdered sugar, that it would be a more stable meringue to add my blueberry puree to. Powdered sugar has a tiny bit of cornstarch in it. Well, I added one tablespoon of the puree and didn't get much flavor or color. Then I tried 2 tablespoons....not much better. So I added the last tablespoon of puree that I had, and I still was not satisfied. I went for my food coloring gel! I added one drop of violet color gel and one drop of deep pink rose. I thought that brightened the color up but I still did not think the flavor really said "blueberry"!! But since I didn't have any blueberry flavoring, I had to be satisfied.

I thought they looked really pretty. I baked them late last night and left them in the oven overnight. When I checked them this morning, they looked right, but they were sticky to the touch!! I guess either the humidity got to them or the blueberry puree made them sticky. Next I took one tray of the meringues and dipped the bottoms in melted chocolate and put them in the refrigerator to harden. Guess what I found when I pulled them out?! The meringues had cracked!!

Thankfully, I still had the other trays, so I went to plan B. I would just use the meringues as they were, and fill them with whipped cream and blueberries! Which is what I did.
And they were delicious!! Have a delicious weekend!!


  1. Oh my friend...these are amazing!!! Did you know that meringues are our favourite dessert? I love yours!! The roses are so pretty.

    Thank you for the link..your words are so sweet.I look for you for inspiration my friend and you sure delivered today! xoxox Hugs.

  2. Thank you Koralee! You made my day!! If you like my posts, there's hope for me yet!! I LOVE Meringues too, especially with whipped cream on top! It's so great to have encouraging friends!!

  3. These are SO cool. Your site is FANTASTIC!

  4. Thanks for your visit! I just spent some time at the Cozy Home and LOVE your blog!! Love your baking and ADORE the ballet tea party!!

  5. Wow! these meringues looks so lovely! Well done!